We are Residential and Commercial Note Buyers, helping sellers wishing to sell a note for top dollar. The first step is to get a quote. Click on the Quote Request below or call us.

Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Other Buyers and Then Call Us at 1-877-655-5625. For Notes That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price

We specialize in the Purchase of Owner Financed Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trust, Contract for Deed, and Private Land Contracts. We help you turn your future income stream into a nice lump sum of money. Closings in as little as 10 days after all paperwork is submitted.

"It was a pleasure dealing with your company, communication was great and the support through the process was great. I would recommend Ron and his company to everyone. Thank you. Gerald Turner, Ballinger, TX...... We consider Ron Stone a friend"

“Not only was Ron's initial quote considerably higher than other quotes I received, he took the time to fully understand my situation as well as explain the process of pricing and selling. He then proceeded to do exactly what he said he would do. Ron earned my trust. I'll use his service again. Great friendly service and he's easy to work with.” Jim S., Bloomingdale, GA More Testimonials

Would you like a Lump Sum instead of waiting years to collect the money that is owed to you? Perhaps you might use the money for an investment opportunity, to consolidate bills, to send a child to college, or even to purchase a new car. The choice is yours! Don't forget, we are buyers of land contracts with an underlying mortgage as long as you get enough to pay the mortgage off . In some states they are called a contract for deed. You can also get cash for a contract for deed but the same applies to the existing underlying bank loan.


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The 5 Critical Factors In Determining The Value Of A Real Estate Income Stream (Click here to read this post)


Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Other Purchasers and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


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Despite what the U.S. Government tells us, the blue line on the chart below shows why now is a good time

to cash in your real estate income stream. At a real inflation rate of almost 10%, what will your payments really be

worth in 15, 20 or 30 years?

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The Buying Process

So how does this process work? It’s a fairly straightforward process. Following is how it normally goes.

Once our offer is accepted we send you a purchase agreement detailing the offer. Once we receive this signed purchase agreement back along with a copy of the docs, Deed of Trust, etc., we immediately pull the borrower’s credit. If credit is acceptable (in line with what we were told in the quote request), we then ask for proof of timely payments (usually the last 12 months via copies of checks or bank statements showing the monthly payment deposits) and then order an appraisal or BPO depending on the property and situation.

Once we receive the property valuation back and it is acceptable, we order a Title report and do a borrower phone interview. When we receive clear title, we prepare final documents for signing. You will need to have the Original Promissory and Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Land Contract, etc. to send back with the signed documents. Once the documents are received, we wire funds.

We are your one stop purchaser. While we discount the income stream just like other purchasers, our discount is nearly always lower than others in the industry.

"What I liked about working with Ron and his company was he always went the extra mile to be sure I understood all about the selling process. No one I talked to when I was searching for a good buyer went to as much trouble to explain selling and discounting before I actually decided to sell." Michael S., King City, CA

Following is a partial list of what we consider buying- Non-Seasoned notes in most states with good equity and credit, Partial (X number of months) Purchases - Did you know that you can get cash for some of your future payments as opposed to liquidating the entire income stream? Inquire about our Partial Purchasing Program. It's often a great value, where you get a nice lump sum of cash now and either start getting your monthly payments again down the road or you can get cash for the balance when the payments revert back to you.

Why would I Cash Out My Income Stream?

There are many good reasons in turning your income stream into a lump sum. Here are just a few: 1) Take advantage of a lucrative business opportunity, 2) Purchase a new home or other real estate while real estate prices are this low, 3) Pay off debt. Personally, I would sell my note today to give me a nice financial cushion for these volatile economic times. But that's just my personal opinion based on my serious concverns about this economy and inflation. Another simple reason is to remove the risks and hassles of holding the paper. For more on why you would want to sell a note on our tips page, particularly if you are thinking of owner financing a property (commercial or residential).

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Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Other Buyers and Then Call Us. If it is a fit for our portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


Available 7 Days a Week



Selling FAQ's


1. What are the advantages of converting my mortgage pmts. to a lump sum? - The two biggest advantages are a) Accessing the cash now for critical investments or expenses and b) Eliminating the hassles of managing the borrower's payments and reporting.

2. What are the criteria for how much I will receive when I get a lump sum for my owner financed payments? There are 4 main factors. They are: Equity in the property, seasoning, the interest rate and lastly the credit of the borrower.

3. Will an appraisal on the property be necessary? Yes, however if there is a lot of equity in the property a Realtor's opinion of value (called a BPO for Brokers pricing opinion) may be all that is needed.

4. Will you need to check the buyers credit when we sell? Yes, it is a very important factor in determining the lump sum of money you receive.

5. How long does it typically take to receive my lump sum payment once I decide to Sell the Stream of Income? Typically 2 to 3 weeks.

6. Do you purchase mobile home income streams? Yes, if they include the land.

7. Is there a discount on the payments? Yes. For more on cash flow discounting.

8. What about notes on a commercial property? Yes, we are commercial buyers.

9. Do you buy business notes? We are no longer buying business notes.

10. Can I get cash for my Land Contract? Yes.

11. Are you a buyers of Deed of Trusts? Yes, but you are really selling the income stream and the Deed of Trust is the security.

12. I would like to sell my monthly note payments but am afraid of loosing all the monthly income? Not to worry. We can make a partial purchase (X number of month's pmts.) for just the amount you need.

14. Can you still buy if there is a balloon payment? Yes.

16. Do you buy Alaska mortgage notes? Yes, we are buyers in all 50 states.

17. How much of a discount will I have to take? Unfortunately, discounts vary widely. For example a note with an interest rate of 9% plus a lot of equity and seasoning will command a much higher price (lower discount) than one with little equity and an interest rate of say 5%. Even if you aren't sure whether you want to cash out, call us to discuss your options.

18. Do you purchase payments in Texas? Yes, Texas is one of our best states.

19. Are you commercial mortgage buyers for California? Yes.

20. Does long amortization periods like 30 years increase the discount applied to the monthly payments? Yes due to the time value of money.

25. I want a lump sum for my note. How much money can I get for my monthly payments? That depends on the structure, but I will say this, there is a Strong Possibility that Your Income stream Will NEVER be worth as much as it is TODAY.

27. Are you purchasers of contract for deeds and real estate land contracts? Yes. This is essentially the same as a selling a land contract. It's just every state uses different contract language.

29. Can you buy my note if I have been getting paid in cash but have been giving receipts? Possibly but we would have to look at other risk factors more. However, if you have been depositing the payments regularly, we can probably use your bank statements as proof of timely payments.




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